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There are many rewards to renovating and updating your home. Everyone loves to see the final results but may never know how much it really took to get to that picture perfect look. Most people don’t want to talk about the personal issues and stress that can come with home improvement projects. Major home improvements are actually one of the major stresses listed in divorces because the problems can get overwhelming. So get a good game plan going before you get started on any project because a healthy attitude and a sense of humor will help you get through anything.

Assess what you want to have done and prioritize the list. Find what is most important to you and then build your project around those essentials. Set goals for each step along the way and then acknowledge those goals when they are accomplished. Don’t just focus on the final goal. Understand that each step is important and that each step gets you closer to the final goal.

Put your plan in writing. Keep a calendar and timeline of things. It helps to write things in pencil so that they can be adjusted as needed. Make a master list of all of the telephone numbers for places and people that you need to be in contact with. If you call a store or work with a person who is particularly helpful, then write their name down for future reference. You will need all of the support you can get and making useful contacts is the best way to do it.

Don’t hesitate to call in a contractor to help with the big jobs. They can deal with a lot of the difficulties that may drive you over the edge. Find a reputable contractor with a good track record. Make sure they are licensed and insured. Using a reliable contractor can keep you from having to be a multi-tasker who must do everything. Some projects are best left to the professionals so don’t ever feel like you should be able to tackle a big project, especially if you have never undertaken such a huge job before. Hiring a contractor can help ease your mind and save your sanity.

Call in your friends to help. Whether it is for opinions, advise or hands-on help, friends are often a valuable resource. They know your style and know what is important to you. When you a have a tedious job to do that you want to do yourself, they can often be a great source of free (or reasonably cheap) labor. Their companionship will make the job easier and having many hands will help lighten the load. So invite friends over, feed them well and offer to help them out on their projects.

Always know what permits you will need and get them in advance. Nothing can hold up a job like a permit problem. So know what job require permits and what you have to do to get those permits.

There are many ways that you can make your home improvement a more enjoyable process. You just need to approach it with the proper planning and the right attitude. keep the above tips in mind and you will soon be looking at your newly remodeled home with pride, satisfaction and few regrets.

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