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Siding Contractor Springfield MA That’s Affordable

Is It Time to Change Your Siding For Your Home Or Business? S.P Home Improvement Can Help You With Your Siding Needs.

S.P. Home Improvement (siding contractor Springfield MA) – House renovations don’t come cheap. The interior design could be dealt with, but what about the façade of the house? It will take a lot of time and money on your part to renovate your house’s exterior. But, did you know that there’s actually a better, faster and cheaper way of changing your façade? Why not try to hire a siding contractor in Springfield MA? House sidings greatly improve the overall image of the house. It’s a timeless look that will always catch the neighbor’s eye.

House siding materials

House sidings come in many forms, shapes and colors. The most common materials used as house sidings are wood, aluminum, vinyl, fiber glass, and cement fiber. Before, fiber glass and hardboard composite sidings were in, but their popularity fell as the more modern and cheaper materials came in, like vinyl and cement fiber siding.

Do the materials really matter?

Of course they do. The material used in the house siding determines its longevity and aesthetic value. For example, wood sidings are always a classic favorite. But using wood requires maintenance and constant painting and curing. There are types of wood that would last longer, but these sidings definitely wouldn’t last forever. Meanwhile, vinyl offers a modern look and a practical side since it doesn’t wear off that easily as wood. The only disadvantage of vinyl probably is its price.

Types of sidings that could be used

In order for you to have a better idea on what materials to use as a house siding, here’s a short compilation of materials of new siding in Springfield MA:

  • Ø Cedar. Cedar shingles are a classic American favorite. They blend perfectly with wood landscapes and waterfronts, and give off a natural wood look while requiring less maintenance that the usual wood clapboard. The natural cedar shingles usually come in stained earthen colors.
  • Ø Wood Clapboard. Solid wood like cedar, pine and spruce remain the top choices for house siding, even though there are more choices now, even synthetic wood. They could last for a long time and usually grow more beautiful with age, but require regular staining and maintenance.
  • Ø Fiber Cement. Fiber cement siding can look like wood, stucco, or masonry, while being quite durable and cheap –  which makes it a great choice as a low-cost alternative. It’s strong, fireproof and termite-proof, and may last until 50 years.
  • Ø Vinyl. Unlike wood or cedar, vinyl doesn’t rot or flake, which makes it a great choice for those who don’t like regular maintenance of sidings. It’s also less expensive to purchase and install than most other siding materials. However, people are hesistant to buy vinyl because it’s prone to cracks and splits, and may look quite dull after some time. It’s also quite hazardous when burned.

These are the most common materials offered in the market these days. Choose only the material that suits your needs and your budget, and look for a company that can give you nothing but the best, like S P Home Improvement. Whatever material you choose, having house sidings always has a great impact in changing the house façade.

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