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Roofing Contractor Springfield MA

How to Inspect Your Own Roof

S.P. Home Improvement (roofing contractor Springfield MA) – Admit it: Not everyone, even roofing contractor Springfield MA actually inspects roofs from time to time. Whenever people go out of their homes, they almost always forget to look at their roofs. When calamities strike, or when something falls from overhead, that’s the only time when people would inspect and find out that their roof indeed needs changing. People sometimes take these things for granted, and regret it later. Most roof problems could actually be remedied with simple solutions, once detected early. To prevent further problems and a more expensive revamp of the roof, here are ways on how to inspect your own roof:

Interior check

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) recommends that you inspect your roof at least twice a year, the best times during spring and fall. You have to do the inspection two ways: an interior check and an exterior check. You can always do the interior check first, so go to the attic and look for the following inside:

  • places where the roof deck sags,
  • signs of water damage or leaking, like wet spots and colored spots, and
  • outside light showing through the roof (the best way to do this is at noon or afternoon, when you  can turn your flashlight off and check if there’s light coming from the outside).

Exterior check

Of course, you must never rely on interior checks alone. It’s through exterior checking that you can see the damage done by the weather, such as blisters, algae growth and rotting.  Climb up and check the roof yourself. Here are a few tips when checking your roof:

  • Check your roof for cracked, torn, or missing shingles.
  • Look for loose materials or weather-worn areas around chimneys, vents and pipes.
  • See if you have too much of shingle granules, or things that look like large grains of sand, in the gutters. This is actually a big warning sign that you should maintain your roof properly.
  • Check spots of moisture, rot or mold. Remember that wet areas may or may not be directly under a broken shingle, as water travels to the lowest spot on the roof before it drips. Mold, fungi and bacteria can grow quickly, so make sure there are no signs of budding organisms in these wet areas.
  • Carefully examine the drainage and gutter system. Make sure the gutters and downspouts are secured and have no debris.
  • Lastly, check all bath, kitchen and dryer vents, and make sure they go entirely outside of your home and not into the attic.

There are other things to consider when inspecting your roof, like the material that it’s made of. Some materials require more maintenance than others, while some require special maintenance procedures. Whatever roofing needs you may have, be sure to hire only quality companies, like S P Home Improvement. Changing and maintaining your roof doesn’t have to be expensive and doesn’t need to take much of your time. Just keep on checking it twice a year, and follow the tips mentioned above. Most roof problems could easily be resolved through simple means; they just have to be discovered before they could do further damage.

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