‘Tis the Season for Springfield Kitchen Renovation!

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A Springfield kitchen renovation may only occur once every 10 years for a homeowner, so it is safe to assume that every homeowner wants the best for a kitchen re-do. While there are y things to consider for a kitchen renovation – contractor, theme, budget, etc. – timing is one of the most overlooked parts. A strategically-planned kitchen renovation in Springfield may bestow a homeowner of discounted price, better deals and bundled packages. So what time is the best time to get one full-blown Springfield kitchen renovation? You guess it, the months prior and after Christmas. Here’s why:

Building stocks have their year-end sale pre-holiday season; clearance sale after that.

A Springfield homeowner planning for a kitchen renovation will have a field day of choosing for bargain kitchen items – tiles, cupboards, islands, etc. – both at the end of the year and the first three weeks after New Year because of seasonal discounts. You can slash off at least 40% of the original equipment expenses when you shop before Christmas, and at least 70% off after that.

You can also get seasonal discounts on kitchen appliances, paints and hardwood. Make sure to set aside a dedicated budget for the kitchen equipments from your holiday shopping budget in order to dispel expense confusion.

Furniture shopping will be a breeze.

The Christmas season is all about discounts – and the furniture business is no exception. Most  Springfield furniture shops, however, give the biggest discounts on Furniture Week – a week-long sale mostly done in January to release year-old stocks to give way to the new ones. A trick to acing seasonal furniture buying is to check the fixture stock card or knowing what stocks are the latest.

S.P. Home seasonal deals.

S.P. Home also offers limited seasonal deals on kitchen renovations this time of the year. To know more, contact the home office and ask for recommendations.

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