Maintaining Your Springfield Basement in Rainy Season

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New year, and a new season of the incessant pitter-patter in most Springfield homes. Indeed, the month of January to March are the coldest of the year this side of Massachusetts, and the weather challenges the very foundation of residential houses in the area.

In this rainy season, basements are the most affected – with the threat of seeping water and snow. Stay cozy and warm in this tempestuous weather through early preparation and annual maintenance check of your home. Here are some prompt tips to secure a warm basement.

Do a routine maintenance of your water checker.

Never has the time been more apt to start checking your water valve than the start of the new year. Add this to your growing list of new resolutions to keep. The rainy season in Springfield starts in December and comes full-blown in the middle of January. Mark a date between New Year’s and the second week of January to check your water deposit systems of crack and crevices, mildew and rust or anything that may threaten to reduce the capacity of the equipment to perform it’s greatest.

On the days of incessant raining, check the water level every ten hours, and observe if there is a water drop or increase. Look for the slightest of water level increase – this may point out a leak in the equipment.

When in doubt, evacuate belongings.

The basement is naturally damp in itself, but in the months of January, some Springfield homes may experience flooding. Basement-turned offices which are used for paper-filing should be transferred prior to the wet months. Storage basements should also be evacuated. Do not wait for the water levels to rise.

Decide on a basement renovation.

Contrary to popular beliefs, the wet months are actually a good time to do a basement renovation. The rainy season may pose a longer-than usual duration, but you’ll get the satisfaction of properly elevating the basement to prevent water seepage. It’s the best time for contractors to evaluate your area and make a sound, fail-proof plan of a basement renovation.

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